Quick Typography Jargon Buster Part 4

This time we go over type details!

Quick Typography Jargon Buster Part 4

We are continuing our typography buster! This time, we go over specific terms describing details and constructions of letters. These details are the visual elements that make fonts different from each other and communicate different meanings.

Type Detail Terms


The baseline is the horizon line on which the letters sit.


img: baseline

Cap Height

The height of capital letters from the baseline.


img: cap height


The x-height is the height of a lowercase letter “x” from the baseline.


img: x-height


Bowl is a closed curved stroke that connects to either a vertical stroke or to itself.

![TypogramBowl.png] (cdn.hashnode.com/res/hashnode/image/upload/..) img: bowl


Bracket is the area where a serif and a stroke are connected.

TypogramBracket.png img: bracket


Counter is an area that is partially or entirely closed by other parts of the letters. There are two types, open and closed.

Open Counter

The area is partially closed. TypogramOpenCounter.png img: open counter

Closed Counter

The area is completely closed. TypogramClosedCounter.png img: closed counter


Any end of a stroke that does not include in a serif.


img: terminal


The part of a lowercase letter that goes above baseline

TypogramAscender.png img: ascender


The part of a lowercase letter that goes below the baseline

TypogramDescender.png img: descender

and this is it! Stay tuned for part 5!

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