About Us

You may be wondering: who write the posts? We are Hua and Wenting, we are building a design tool together called Typogram!

Here is a brief description about us...

Wenting Zhang

Design & Tech Lead

Hello! I am Wenting Zhang, designer & entrepreneur based in New York City. “wentin” is my Internet alias. Before founding my own company, Typogram, I worked at Adobe for six years. First on the Fonts team, and eventually on Adobe XD. While I really loved working at Adobe and with my team, I always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Now that I have Typogram, I am excited to share my journey and explore building something of my own. At Typogram I mostly work on the tech side

Hua Shu

Content Manager & Growth Hacker

Hi there! I'm Hua, a designer and bootstrapping founder building Typogram, a brand design tool. As part of running Typogram, I create the FontDiscovery to help founders, creators, and makers step up their game in marketing and get creative. I mostly work on the content side of typogram, as well as running different growth and marketing experiments to find new ways for us to grow. Before Typogram I worked on branding projects as a designer and art director.