My Reddit posting process to get sign-ups

Hi everyone! hope your week is going great so far! I have been using Reddit to acquire sign-ups for my newsletter and I thought I can share a couple of places that work for user acquisition for me. Reddit is a pretty good place to get some sign-ups, users for your products, or get feedback.

Just to give you some context, I currently write a newsletter about design, marketing, and creativity tips for makers and founders (You can subscribe here if you'd like). These are general startup/biz orientated subreddits I post in and have gotten sign-ups from. I don't have stellar posts with a bunch of upvotes every week, but I try to post on a weekly basis and get sign-ups.


Since I work on a newsletter, I usually share a short post ( 65% of the content of my newsletter) that sums up my newsletter issue, with a link at the very end or beginning. This has worked for me to gather sign-ups. Usually, for each week, I have an infographic. if the sub allows me to post pictures, I will post the infographic along with the post. Usually, this helps!


This is something I am starting to do a bit more. Make small edits to the titles and subtitles of my posts to make them more appealing to specific subs. I study what posts are in each sub. and then adjust my titles/ subtitles a bit so that it looks more relevant. For example, for marketing subreddits, the title can be more marketing-related. for business subreddits, more about business, etc.


r/SideProject, r/IMadeThis, r/indiebiz

r/Sideproject is nice and allows pictures. I find this sub to be a nice one to post in.

r/startup, r/EntrepreneurRideAlong

r/startup is a little more strict on promotions. Sometimes my posts get removed and I have a feeling there might be a restriction where it doesn't allow you to share the same link over a certain period of days. r/EntrepreneurRideAlong is better to post in my opinion.

r/marketing, r/digital_marketing/, ...etc etc

It seems like the marketing subreddits share the same mod. Sometimes when I make posts across multiple marketing subreddits, some get removed. So I have a feeling there might be some rules about cross-posting. The mod is very active on discord (you can find the invite in the subreddits) so you can check in with him there.

Additional things to think about

  • Check the rules for each sub on the right-hand side
  • Each sub is different. Tailor each post for each sub helps
  • Post on small subs first, and then move to bigger subs
  • If you are not sure about self-promoting or don't want to be banned... don't include links (at least in the post)
  • If you get banned, posts get removed, try not to feel bad. It happens.

This is a quick summary of what works for me. If you are posting Reddit and having tons of success I would love to hear about it via email or Twitter!

If you like what you are reading, signup you can subscribe to my blog here on Hashnode. I'm also on twitter at @HuaTweets Hope this helps.

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