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Welcome to another issue! I hope you had a nice weekend. Today, you’ll notice a new section, Jargon Buster!. I created this section based on your great suggestions from our survey. I will experiment with it in the next couple of weeks. If you have any feedback, I would love to know your thoughts via reply.

Recently, I heard about the controversy surrounding Anthony Bourdain’s documentary. (the short version: the ****producing company used technology to re-create/fake Bourdain’s voice in the documentary, and some wonder if it’s ethical). So this week, we are going over some design and font elements to communicate the weird side of tech. Maybe it’ll help you catch some extra eyes on what you are working on!

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{img: samples of Terminal Grotesque}

Font of the Week

If Heritage Display is the geeky little brother, Terminal Grotesque is the cool, big sister with a nerdy streak. Continuing on our conversation about 8-bit graphics, Terminal Grotesque brings a nice, updated vibe to this style. If you are looking for something a bit new and weird, Terminal Grotesque might be right for you.

Font Details

Terminal Grotesque is a sans serif inspired by Futura (for a quick review about Futura, see Jost issue), which is a font that embraced simplicity, boldness, and geometric shapes. In Terminal Grotesque, the strokes are bold with very little contrast, the curves are exaggerated to emphasize geometric elements. Like Heritage Display, Terminal Grotesque has a pixelated twist. Its character set has normal, pixelated letters, and letters with both normal and pixelated traits.


img: font details of Terminal Grotesque showing letter combinations of normal and pixelated letters and geometric details.

How to use Terminal Grotesque for logos?

The eclectic combination of geometric letter shapes and the pixelated effect gives Terminal Grotesque a trendy and edgy vibe. It’s almost like a tech evolution is happening inside this font! It is perfect for tech companies with an unconventional twist or a project about something artsy, creative, and tech-related.

How to use Terminal Grotesque for marketing?

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