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I hope you had an excellent start to this week. This weekend I continued with my kitchen renovations and watched the Olympics. Did you watch it? Inspired by the Olympians, I thought it might be fun to talk about fonts, and design around the theme of games and interactivity this week. I hope you will enjoy it.

In This Issue...



img: Sample Heritage Display, font is created by Daniel Schriër

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Font of the Week

Bring Your 'A' Game

Sometimes, the most innovative result comes from combining two drastically different elements. Today we discuss a font that does just that, with calligraphy (Blackletter) and arcade gaming (pixelation).


image: 8-bit graphics screen; source: Pinterest

Looks Familiar?

This iconic, 8-bit graphics screen is synonymous with the beginnings of gaming. Due to the limitation of the hardware the graphics must take as little computer memory as possible. 8-bit made this possible, and as a result, it created a unique aesthetic that captured this early era.

Font Details

Heritage is two drastically different styles mixed together, Blackletter and pixelation.  The shape of the font comes from Blackletter, a style of writing developed from Western Europe in the 11th Century. ( If you want a quick review, check out this issue). The pixelation effect result from the way Heritage Display is created: it is designed on a 25 * 25 grid.


img: Blackletter calligraphy example; source: FontsInUse

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