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Theme: Trendy DesignsFont of the Week: Le Murmure Design Idea: Now in 3D  Color Inspirations: Internet art



{img: sample of Le Murmure}

Font of the Week: Le Murmure

The Power of Modern Serifs

A few posts ago, we talked about Bodoni. Bodoni is a font designed in the late eighteenth century by Giambattista Bodoni, an influential typographer, printer, and publisher. The fame of Bodoni back then was comparable to a pop star nowadays. People flocked down to his studio to watch him design and typeset1.

Benjamin Franklin, who was a founding father of US and a printer, wrote Bodoni a fan letter in 1788, praising Bodoni’s work as “one of the most beautiful that Art had hitherto produc’d[produced].” and “should be glad to see a Specimen of your other Fonts besides this Italic and Roman…”2.

Bodoni’s high contrast characteristics were so popular that they have since then become their own category, called “Modern” (or “Didone”) serifs. Modern serif fonts are darlings of fashion editorial and branding. Fonts like Playfair Display (for a quick review, we went over in issue 11 ) are “Modern” serifs. Magazines brands, luxury publishing houses like Rizzoli, and even blogging platforms like Medium love to use Modern serifs as part of their brands.


{img: different publish brands using “Modern” serifs}

Today, our font, Le Murmure, a sharp and sleek font with high contrast, is similar to Bodoni. Rules can always be broken when it comes to creativity. Even though Le Murmure has no serifs, it borrows many characteristics from Modern serif fonts, for example, high stroke contrast.

Font Details

Le Murmure has a high stroke contrast with thin cuts (known as ink traps) and sharp angles in its letters. This unique combo gives this font a clean crispness. Its condensed width, along with the lack of serif, communicates luxury with a trendy vibe. All of these details make Le Murmure a stylish choice when used in larger sizes.


{img: Le Murmure has no serifs and is narrower in letter width}

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