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How are you? This weekend I went for a walk and was so happy to see greens all around me. Have you taken a nice walking break recently? If not, I hope you will get a chance to do so this week. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend ahead!

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img: sample of League Script

Font of the Week

Out of My League

When I was growing up, my friend Lindsay had the most beautiful handwriting. Whenever we got yearbooks, she would bring a pack of color gel pens. People lined up to get her to sign yearbooks. She was creative and wrote the heartfelt message with cutesy, heart-filled cursive letters. Hearts replaced dots on i’s and apostrophes. She would write pages and pages of these glittery, thoughtful messages.

The name League Script is a little misleading. It might have made you think that this font has a connection to sports. The designer of League script has said it is somewhere between a handwritten letter from the 1920s and a high school girlfriend’s love note. Upon a close examination, we’ll find flirty flares and thin, ball-point pen-like strokes with round caps.

Font Details


img: font details of enlarged dots and round stroke caps

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